GTA 6 could be in the hands of Sony: gamers are in shock

GTA 6 может оказаться в руках Sony: геймеры в шоке

Apple has posted the news about the growth of prices for shares of Take-Two +6.82% because of the rumors about selling the company. According to resource, Sony plans to take over the company and discusses the purchase in cash, not shares. It is not excluded that the future GTA 6, about which almost no information, will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5. If it be so, the gamers will have no choice as to buy the next generation console that will allow Sony to make huge money with 5 sold PS.

GTA 6 может оказаться в руках Sony: геймеры в шоке

Nevertheless the probability of sale is very small. At least Sony has no money to buy Take-Two, which is now estimated at $11 billion. In August it was rumoured, they say, the Japanese are planning to sell Sony Pictures, but information never hurt, and the buyer is not found.

GTA 6 может оказаться в руках Sony: геймеры в шоке

However, refuting these predictions is impossible. It is possible that Take-Two might not be able to surpass your own project GTA V, which became a cult game of all time.

Recall that in the Google Play for Android devices new record – Google Maps. The app was downloaded about 5 million times, this is a record to date. Despite the fact that this application is installed “factory”, it counts as a download, because Google aggressively impose their products, and this applies to Android.

Earlier Znayu reported that Xiaomi Mi 9, which became a hit even before the official release, disgraced Corporation. The fact that the company wanted as soon as possible to collect the right amount of smartphones, but the company eventually disgraced before the world. The fact that in smartphones there’s no flash. Yes, Xiaomi just forgot to put in a smartphone flash.

Znayu wrote that the head of OnePlus has decided to abandon the headphones in favor of wireless. In future smartphones will not have headphone jacks that will provoke new and more interesting headphones.

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