“Gypsy Solaris”: “Gold” tuning Hyundai Solaris amused network

In the Internet appeared photos of the South Korean bestseller, whose appearance was unusual revision, which caused a mixed public reaction.

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“You can burn the machine”: the heating of the motor KIA Rio heater told the owner of the

The owner of a KIA Rio told about the warming up of the motor vehicle, and also about how dangerous the use of PETN (tubular electric heater) in winter.

“Golden” tuning Hyundai Solaris amused the network. Probably the owner of the car wanted to stand out due to the budget revision, but some Internet users said that the motorist was “Gypsy Solaris”. There were those who liked the car.

Recall, Hyundai is among the five most popular cars in Russia. The car is offered in the country at a price of 711 000. The machine is equipped with a motor of 1.4, the performance of which is 100 HP in addition, for the sedan available engine 1.6 capacity of 123 HP

By the way, the “Golden” machine is no longer a rarity in Russia. On the eve of one of the national motorists showed their LADA 4×4 Bronto. This machine, by default stands out from the crowd, but in a protective “gold” matte film vehicle looks even more spectacular.