Hackers have learned to hack any iPhone, user data is under threat

Хакеры научились взламывать любой iPhone, данные пользователей под угрозой

iPhone X

On the website Motherboard has published a very voluminous material, which tells about the current method of hacking the Apple iPhone. Moreover, the journalists, referring to the results of the investigation, they write that some companies such as Cellebrite and GrayKey providing services on iOS hacking and unlocking the iPhone (mostly for special forces) has already taken this method into consideration. However, it is too early to panic, because no one your smartphone remotely are not compromised, especially in Ukraine.

Хакеры научились взламывать любой iPhone, данные пользователей под угрозой

To successfully bypass security mechanisms of Apple in the consumer smartphone iPhone hackers use… other iPhone, intended primarily for developers. More specifically, talking about prototypes, which disabled a safety function. It presented devices buy attackers.

For example, for the iPhone prototype X you can ask for about $ 20,000.

To connect the prototypes to a computer requires a special cable, which also costs about $ 2,000. However, due to this, hackers can dig into the source code of the smartphone, while conventional devices for reliable protection.

Хакеры научились взламывать любой iPhone, данные пользователей под угрозой

Recall that sales of smartphone with no buttons and holes Meizu Zero failed miserably. However, it was obvious, because humanity is not yet ready for such an unusual smartphones, the price tag of which exceeds 1300$. Device though received top stuffing, but the price is still obviously too high. The company reported that the release of the smartphone was a joke, but not really believed the message from the head of the company.

Earlier Znayu reported that a huge number of Android applications can follow users to merge data from the company Facebook. We have prepared a list of apps that merge your data the largest social network in the world.

Znayu wrote that the company Xiaomi has announced that the smartphones of the Corporation in the future considerably more expensive. The head of the company said that smartphones, cheaper 8 000 UAH will no longer be on the market and the Corporation will begin to build the reputation of the manufacturer of expensive smartphones.

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