Hair is “hair Mishka”: what to do if hair fall out

Шевелюра вместо "прически Кошевого": что делать, если выпадают волосы


The loss of hair is one of the main problems of both men and women. If you get more hair, then it should go to a trichologist – a doctor who specializiruetsya on the hair and scalp.

About it writes “Ukrainian truth”.

Pursuant to the standard, people daily MoE to lose up to 100 hairs. However, if the loss is serious, it is a reason to consult the doctors and find out the reason, because it may speak of certain processes in the body.

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Шевелюра вместо "прически Кошевого": что делать, если выпадают волосы

Baldness, or scientific language – alopecia, can be of different types. The most common:

1. Androgenetic alopecia (hereditary)

According to doctors, there is a specific baldness gene does not exist, but some of the same genes responsible for the sensitivity of hair follicles to the hormone DHT and FL associated with baldness.

This baldness threatens both men and women and often occurs after puberty.

2. Treccine baldness

Hair can cause poor hair care. For example, the fascination with dreadlocks, a afrokosy, as well as overreliance on vibraplane hair or heat/chemically treated. All of this can severely damage the hair.

Шевелюра вместо "прически Кошевого": что делать, если выпадают волосы

3. Senile or senile alopecia.

Baldness, which is caused by aging. The trichologist said that this is an inevitable situation when the quantity of hair diminishes with age. The hair follicles “wear out” like that in our body.

Шевелюра вместо "прически Кошевого": что делать, если выпадают волосы


Unfortunately, the cure for baldness doesn’t exist. However, this process can be slow and even to grow new.

There are four drugs that positively affect hair loss:

  1. Minoxidil

It increases the blood flow to the hair follicle. It can be found in the form of lotion or spray.

It is best for treatment minoksidilom react those who have the initial stage of baldness.

  1. Finasteride

This drug blocks production of the enzyme 5 AR of the second type, which converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

Finasteride is taken in pill form. This drug came to trichology in urology. So it is well studied that is men and is approved for use by men only.

Шевелюра вместо "прически Кошевого": что делать, если выпадают волосы

  1. Dutasteride

Like finasteride, inhibits the production of enzyme. However, not only the second but also the first types.

However, in some countries this drug is not approved for use.

  1. Botox (a toxin botolo)

Botox injections in the scalp m relaxes muscles, promotes better blood flow to the follicles.

However, the effectiveness of this method is still a little vicena.

Шевелюра вместо "прически Кошевого": что делать, если выпадают волосы

Hair transplantation

Another way to combat baldness.

“The first thing to realize about hair transplant – it has no effect on the progression of baldness. It provides a temporary aesthetic effect, says trichologist. We take the hair from the scalp, where it is more and where it is not sensitive to degaradation”.

In the later stages of baldness is to transplant hair from other parts of the body.

Vitamin complexes

Doctors can also check any vitamins you are missing and to assign certain drugs.

Шевелюра вместо "прически Кошевого": что делать, если выпадают волосы

The doctor explains that a deficiency of zinc, iron, b vitamins, Biotin and vitamin D are often associated with hair loss.

But only a doctor should determine exactly what a person is missing and how this deficiency should be compensated.

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