Hands and feet are no longer numb: effective folk recipe

Руки и ноги больше не будут неметь: действенный народный рецепт

Numbness of fingers and toes can be due to bad bloodstream. A folk remedy will help to clean the blood vessels and save you from unpleasant problems.

The modern studies show that flax seeds can prevent and effectively help to treat diseases of the heart, blood vessels, skin, hair and stomach.

Руки и ноги больше не будут неметь: действенный народный рецепт

Flax seeds – the wonder drug for health of the body. Here’s how, based on these seeds to prepare the wonder infusion for cleansing vessels.

  • 1/3 tbsp. of flax seeds;
  • 1 l of water.

In the evening pour the seeds with water. Then put them on a steam bath, bring to a boil and hold for 2 minutes.

In the morning, after decoction infusion, strain it and pour into a glass jar with a lid.

You should get approximately 850 ml. Keselamatan liquid.

It is necessary to drink for 5 days: 1/3 Cup in the morning on an empty stomach and before meals.

Руки и ноги больше не будут неметь: действенный народный рецепт

The course of treatment is 15 days. Then 3 month break.

Earlier it was reported that our body sends us “signals of anxiety” about the problems with the body before a serious illness manifests itself. We just need to listen carefully to your own body and learn to recognize them.

Sometimes the symptom in one part of the body may indicate disease in the other. The ability to notice and correctly interpret these symptoms can significantly improve the quality of your life.

Recall that cardiologists have figured out how to identify heart disease in its early stages. Scientists from Duke University have proposed a new blood test that will determine how the blocked blood vessels.

As reported Know. ua, these not-so-obvious signs may indicate serious illness. Sometimes the body indicates to us diseases, and we ignore it.

Also Know As. ua wrote that one molecule will save millions of light around the world.

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