Hat in winter is not just a stylish accessory: this is why you need to listen to mom

Шапка зимой – не просто стильный аксессуар: вот почему нужно слушать маму

The people believed that winter hat you need to wear is a must because most of the heat is lost through the head and increases the danger of freezing. The doctors explained that a number of other reasons, but wearing a hat is necessary.

At low temperature and frivolity at the street head is subjected to cooling and constricts blood vessels, deteriorating blood circulation and tremors. The head is a lid of the vessel – your body. If you open it, you start to get cold hands and feet, despite the fact that they are responsible insulated.

Шапка зимой – не просто стильный аксессуар: вот почему нужно слушать маму

The hat protects not only the head but also the ears from wind and cold. So, without a hat increases the chance of making a otitis. Also increases the risk of colds – rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis. It is also related to the fact that during cooling, reduced immunity and as a consequence easier stick germs, viruses and bacteria.

In the frost in the brain receives more blood than usual. That’s because you can feel in the first minutes of stay in the cold, spasmodic pain. They can accompany you for longer (due to damage of blood vessels), regardless of location.

Шапка зимой – не просто стильный аксессуар: вот почему нужно слушать маму

A person may suffer in this way: the cold case of trigeminal neuralgia and facial nerve. Because of this disease, it is likely that I will grab the palsy, and half of the face will be skewed. So be sure to contact your doctor if you often feel intense shooting pain in the cold.

Also in the cold, if you walk around without a hat, you may experience problems with the hair. And all because of vasoconstriction. Thanks to the frost reduced the nutrition of hair follicles, which leads to a reduction of hair density and hair get too dry and become dull.

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