Have Beckham it has taken away at the sight of his monument: it’s kind of a mockery

У Бэкхема отняло речь при виде своего памятника: это какое-то издевательство

In Los Angeles, a monument to David Beckham

In Los Angeles (USA) a monument to star footballer David Beckham. A monument was erected near the entrance to the home stadium of local club galaxy.

As reported ScoreBat, before the opening of the monument Beckham was the victim of a cruel joke.

A few days before the Grand opening of Beckham was invited to the preview of the monument, where the famous presenter James Corden decided to play football. He replaced the statue on ugly copy, which shocked Beckham.

У Бэкхема отняло речь при виде своего памятника: это какое-то издевательство

“Just look at eyes and chin, my ass, it is not so. Only the hair is similar. This is not near the stadium, my parents will be here, wife. Well that my children will not see it, otherwise they would cry. It’s a shame, ” said Beckham.

Then the truck tried to take the statue and fell and broke that was a shock to Beckham. After that, the room itself appeared Corden and Beckham has understood that became a victim of the draw.

Recall, David came to the opening of the sculpture along with his wife Victoria and reverently thanked the fans. It is worth noting that such a gift was built for the first time in the history of the football League.

“Yesterday was an amazing day. To celebrate my time in the Los Angeles galaxy with my family, my friends, team and fans was an incredible honor. I am so grateful and happy, thank you.”, – cherished signed a series of frames Beckham. Wife Victoria also shared a tender photo, which shows how happy the player.

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