Hawaiian scientists have discovered a seal with the blackhead in the nose

Fish could get into the nostrils of a seal in search of food.

Гавайские учёные обнаружили тюленя с угрем в носу

Scientists regularly observe an endangered species Hawaiian monk seals (Monachus schauinslandi). In early December, they found one of the members of the species stuck in the nostril of acne. In two years it already the fourth similar case. Previously been unknown the reason for this amazing phenomenon, but as the problem became more regular, had a separate team of specialists who are trying to figure out how, and most importantly – why the fish gets into the nose seals.

Young monk seals looking for food, poking the muzzle in reefs, under rocks or in the sand — so they find fish that like to hide, for example, acne. Probably acne, stymied, trying to defend themselves or to escape. The second version – the seals eels swallow, and then vomit a bad way. We may never know the truth, “—said in a statement on the official website of NOAA (National oceanic and atmospheric administration).

In the case of this seal, the eel was carefully removed from the nostrils, and the animal was not injured.