He knew about his own death: the network has emerged a prophetic interview with legendary rapper

Децл знал о собственной смерти: в сети всплыло пророческое интервью легендарного рэпера

Russian rap singer Kirill Tolmatsky, alias Decl, died from cardiac arrest. He was a pioneer and shining star of fashion musical direction of rap, brightly broke out in the early 2000s.

It turned out that the famous singer, in some incredible way, predicted his own death three years ago.

Legendary Voronezh interview that He gave immediately after the concert, raises many unanswered questions. Tolmatskogo says he wants to live up to 450 years, and fakes his own death in 35. Coincidence?

Децл знал о собственной смерти: в сети всплыло пророческое интервью легендарного рэпера

Suggest you read the full text of the fatal interview decl, which probably dramatically changed his life.

– Kirill, Hello! It’s been 15 years since the appearance of the image decl. How did you come to that got rid of him and showed the audience the real you?
As much as I wanted and did not try to show yourself to the public anyway, all was biased. At that moment, the audience relied on the opinion, which was broadcast TV. When they started to say that Decl is not funny, many picked up this opinion. So there was a resonance: someone I continued to like, and some don’t. Although the latter still kept my album under my pillow and secretly listened to the tracks.
At that moment I was quite difficult to show what I really am. And I was constantly in an internal conflict. So there was a revolution in my soul. When people met me, they completely changed their opinion of me. But notice that still remained biased: I still represent in robe, wide trousers and hood. We all evolve, don’t stay at the level of 16-year-old for life. But the basic principles remained the same: the inner core, valor, honor, conscience.

Децл знал о собственной смерти: в сети всплыло пророческое интервью легендарного рэпера

– What development are you interested in studying?
I think it’s useful to learn different languages. For example, to kill their time will be quite interesting and important. The world is multifaceted. So many interesting things going on that life is not enough for all. So I’m going to spend at least 450 years. I would like to fake his own death at age 35, and go to live on the island. In a few years – need to think on this topic.

And how do you see the future?
Children are our future. For example, I have your child brought up to be honest, strong, well-mannered, never one to offend, and treats all as he wants them to treat him. While I have not had to blush for his son.

Децл знал о собственной смерти: в сети всплыло пророческое интервью легендарного рэпера

– Often with lyrics and videos found Rasta theme, although it imposed the ban. But what about promoting a healthy lifestyle?
The HLC is also nonsense. Because overtax the joints, muscles – it’s stupid. The healthiest sport is yoga, gymnastics. In the morning got up did charge enough. Often, people who are promoting healthy lifestyles using various drugs muscle growth. It’s too bad.
I am 32 years old and started Smoking at the age of 16. Of course, for each all individually, but I can say to myself. Smoking negatively on me no effect: I play a concert and fully use my lungs. And surveys show that the state of my light, as in healthy students. I believe that legalized alcohol is much more dangerous than Smoking.

One of the albums called “Who are you?”. Found the answer to this question?
For myself it is not well to speak. It would be nice if this question was answered by the people around them.

We will remind, died Decl Cyril Tolmatskogo: become aware of the cause of death of the rapper.

As previously reported by the portal Znaia the star of “Flight over a nest of Zukoski” died in terrible agony.

Also Znayu wrote that he died of a cult Soviet actress: these films grew more than one generation.

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