Heats the cooled rumors: Baranovskaya “wedding dress” reminded of the Roman Galkin

The broadcaster still intends to take away from Pugacheva spouse and in pursuit of ratings does not stop at nothing.

Подогревает остывшие слухи: Барановская «свадебным платьем» напомнила о романе с Галкиным


While in the media space began to subside the rumors about a possible affair with a young Maxim Galkin, the leading Yulia Baranovskaya, ratings latter, as the references began to plummet. Because of this, and the demand for advertising spaces in the form of a microblog teledive if not dropped, then prices certainly collapsed. Lower income, very few people have to like it, so Baranovskaya decided to take matters into their own hands.

Instagram in the leading “Male/Female” has a photo, which she sealed in an ambiguous outfit. Baranovskaya heats the cooled rumors about the novel with Galkin and that “wedding dress” I reminded him. It seems that the intention to discourage Pugacheva’s husband, breadwinner and father of two beautiful children – the main goal of the presenter – in any case, she makes every effort to ensure that the public suspected her in the novel, and Galkina – infidelity.

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I was recently asked: “How to Wake up in a good mood?” I said, “Preferably in it before sleep??????!!!” So today I fall asleep in a great mood ???????? “To accept and respect other people’s principles and not try to make fun of them and insult” – thanks ???????????????????? Anyone who’s still awake, I wish you the sweetest of dreams and good ????#когдатысчастливсамсчастьемподелисьсдругим Photo by @hollywoodreporter Total look @elisabettafranchi

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Even the caption to the photo in the microblog were at least intriguing, if not mysterious, and seems to contain a hint of mystery. Before there was such an entry, intermittent Emoji with hearts: “I have a last few days a strange condition and mood. Something will be“, and in the next post Baranovskaya admitted that falling asleep in a great mood and prudently did not explain why – that the followers do think.

Just a month ago, the gossip in social networks was discussed that Julia is preparing for the wedding Galkin, despite the fact that he is legally married. Marriage showman with the elderly Diva has not stopped Baranovskaya – written then in social networks. But both members of the “novel” denied all rumors, saying that not seen since the end of August and the novel cannot be considered. But it seems that the scandal with the family Pugacheva was on hand star, of the First channel, and she is not averse to once again wallow in unpleasant, but profitable gossip.