Help sick children, the military and the protection of women’s rights: members of the Royal family don’t do politics, but do something more

Помощь больным детям, военным и защита прав женщин: члены королевской семьи не занимаются политикой, но делают нечто больше

Members of the British Royal family do not interfere in politics of the country and not involved in lawmaking. However, why are they so important to society and why their life is watching millions?

They protect the rights of various social groups and patronize all sorts of charitable, cultural and military organizations. Members of the Royal family use their position in order to attract the attention of society to issues of importance.

Queen Elizabeth protects the military priests

For example, Queen Elizabeth II attended a service in honor of the 100th anniversary of awarding the title “Royal” chaplains Department Royal army. The priests of this Department, founded in 1796, he served soldiers and their families in times of war and peace. And yet Her Majesty has instructed the artist Harry Parker to create 3 paintings in honor of this anniversary.

Meghan Markle protect animal rights and the equality of women

The Duchess of Sussexite Meghan Markle, decided to take under his wing organization for the protection of animals “Mayhew”. The main purpose of the organization – the shelter for homeless animals. Also it provides shelter to animals whose owners are in difficult life situation. In addition, Megan actively advocates for equal rights for women and men. She recently attended an event in New Zealand, which is dedicated to the fact that exactly 125 years ago the local women got suffrage.

Megan and Harry for support of talented youth

The Duke and Duchess of Sasseks recently arrived in the town of Birkenhead to see a performance by a dance group. Was here recently created a “youth zone”, where young talents were able to fully realize their potential.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge engaged in sports direction

Prince William and his wife Catherine (nee Middleton) supported the initiative of the Irish football Association. Its members teach adolescent girls to play soccer, helping them cope with psychological problems and to avoid the harmful influence of the street. At the end of the meeting in Belfast the members of the Royal family visited the party youth, which is actively working for the benefit of Northern Ireland in the field of business, art and sports.

The Countess of Essexite supports sick children

In March this year, the Countess of Essexite visited the rehabilitation centre in Surrey, where they help recover children with traumatic brain injuries. Her Royal Highness has opened a new office, where patients with complex disorders of the brain will undergo a music therapy and will be able to play instruments.

Kate Middleton is a patron of the ballet

Elizabeth II has for many years been patron of the Royal ballet and the Duchess of Cambridge successfully takes over its experience. Recently she visited the Royal Opera house, Covent garden, to learn how designers work (each season there are thousands of Opera and ballet costumes).

Recall that dramatically old Kate Middleton took mom Meghan Markle: the world is shocked.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Elizabeth II will live forever in the Ukrainian farm: wanted deputies of the village Council.

Tacitly.Eeyore” wrote Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle in the way of flight attendants roschlau the whole world in his eyes.

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