Hidden feature “multimedica”: “Easter eggs” Renault Logan told the owner of the

Blogger Anton Isakov showed how to find hidden functions menu in the head unit Renault Logan.

It turned out that the factory sound system, in addition to its basic functions, able to display additional information about the car.

Скрытая функция «мультимедийки»: О «пасхалке» Renault Logan рассказал владелец

Pressing a few keys you can see the battery status on the “Logan” and the current speed of the machine. To do this, hold down the Menu button for a few seconds, then the screen will appear the so-called developer menu.

In addition to the standard settings “multimedica”, among the items available for selection are “Param ID”, through which you can find the latest information on this vehicle, and “Diagnostics”. Pressing the volume switch will choose one of the parameters. In the diagnostics section, you can view the voltage supplied to the battery to check the sensors and also check the status of the USB ports of the car and display the current speed “Logan”.

Скрытая функция «мультимедийки»: О «пасхалке» Renault Logan рассказал владелец

In addition, in menu you can find information about the remaining time and mileage before THE next MOT or oil change and to change the volume of the various service commands (for example, the sound of the turn signal).