Hippocrates : Shots of gowns [Critical]

Hippocrate : Coups de blouses [Critique]

Thomas Lilti sign of a clever drama, a hospital, an extension of his film, where the romantic struggle continually with a desire for realism and societal.

Rare are the series of French-derived film. One remembers the Ghosts , but the director of the feature film, Robin Campillo, was not involved in the adaptation to tv. Thomas Lilti is, on the contrary, completely master on board of this series medical that he co-wrote and which he directed all eight episodes. A former doctor there redeploys cleverly the challenges of her film was released in 2014, as if the subject (the public hospital seen through the prism of internal) remains the same, the characters and the plot have changed. Imagining a quarantine that clogs doctors the holders of the home, season 1 is the key to a quartet of young caregivers inexperienced forced to team up. True to the reality, the parity is respected : two women (Louise Bourgoin and Alice Belaïdi) and two men (Karim Leklou and Zacharie Chasseriaud) must deal with personal secrets, characters in divergent, sentimental stories, eventful and a lack of means, which are a rich potting soil romance at the same time as a political advocacy at the glory of the self-help. Alternating between situations that are quite wobbly and agonizing medical operations that create an attachment to the protagonists, Thomas Lilti gives with this friendly program at the impeccable casting all its meaning to the word ” hospital “. And creates a cocoon societal called to return to the antenna (the season 2 is already in writing).


Hippocrates, broadcasted on Canal+

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