Hogweed captured Russian media

Plant-parasite Hogweed, which is also called the shrub of Hercules, seized almost the entire territory of Central Russia and threatens further spread. This writes the German magazine Suddeutsche Zeitung.

Борщевик захватил Россию - СМИ The Russians have called this plant, which came from the Caucasus, “the plague”. This weed reaches several meters in height and grabs millions of hectares of land. All who will have cow parsnip in the country should immediately get rid of it.

According to scientists, the Hogweed is very poisonous because of its juice. If it gets on human skin in the sunlight, can cause intoxication. This can cause rashes that become large blisters and then weeping wounds. As if you burned yourself.

For example, the government of Moscow and Moscow region in an order forcing citizens to get rid of the Hogweed, and those who disobey, expect large fines.

It is assumed that this species is cultivated as a fodder plant for cows at the time of Joseph Stalin, the newspaper writes. Thus, according to the author, was not taken into account the fact that cows milk becomes bitter after eating this plant.

Now the German government fears that the Hogweed seize the country, as captured once Poland. The EU put a plant in the list of undesirable invaders invasive species. Where it grows, other plants have little chance.