Holding “Evrodon” has remained without electricity from-for debts

Rostov enterprise for production and processing of Turkey meat does not pay for services rendered more than two months and must list the order of 50 million roubles, but is unable to do it.

Холдинг «Евродон» остался без электроэнергии из-за долгов


In connection with the existing indebtedness of the holding company “Evrodon” was left without electricity on October 24 at 11 am. Representatives of senior management promised to rectify the situation, but nothing happened. They have accumulated more debt and now considered the question of recognition of “Eurodon” company is insolvent. The holding company created in 2003, Vadim Vaneev. Between the business owner and the founder had a quarrel. In the end, the owner demanded the removal Vaneeva from office because he was allegedly not properly performing their duties.

The government of the Rostov region refused to subsidise the interest rate on the loan “Eurodon”. Thus, the position of the company deteriorated even further. This company is one of the most advanced indacochea complexes in the world. The holding company owns modern equipment and is able to compete with organizations from Western countries.

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