Honor publicly ridiculed Xiaomi Mi 9, the situation is heating up

Honor публично высмеяли Xiaomi Mi 9, ситуация накаляется

The company Honor issued a public statement in which she commented on the fact that Xiaomi calls its new flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 “battle angel”. Apparently, a competitor of the manufacturer of this smartphone considers it otherwise, and did not hide his ridicule.

Honor публично высмеяли Xiaomi Mi 9, ситуация накаляется

Earlier, the Executive Director of Xiaomi Lei Zun (Lei Jun) tried to explain why the company chose this option for the internal names of his flagship. The head of the company said that the device has got fashionable design, and inside perevodya. However, his words do not agree, the Director of the Honor.

The head of the Honor brand Tsungming Xiong (Xiong Junmin) stated that Xiaomi Mi 9 do not offer anything that was not offered previously released smartphone Honor V20. He concluded his words with a loud statement about what is currently on the market, there is no real product that could compete with Honor V20. However, to argue with the head of the Honor seriously, as the smartphone remains still relevant, and since its release it has been a long time.

Honor публично высмеяли Xiaomi Mi 9, ситуация накаляется

Recall that a bug in the system software for MacBook can display the browser history of the PC owner. It is accepted that such information is protected, but the bug allows to bypass it, and to access browser history. It should be noted that the vulnerability is in every MacBook.

Earlier Znayu reported that Meizu with no buttons and holes may not appear on the shelves. Users did not appreciate the device for $ 1,300, which is different from the other only by the lack of buttons.

Znayu wrote that the company Xiaomi manages to sell their Redmi Note 7. Users are snapping up the party as soon as they appears, and the manufacturer simply does not have time to produce them. Within a month, the smartphone sold more than 1 million times, which is an absolute record.

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