Hoodie and trousers: Galkin began to dress like Justin Timberlake

The comedian has surprised a secular party new outfit.

Балахон и шаровары: Галкин начал одеваться как Стас Михайлов


Not so long ago Maxim Galkin finally returned home from a protracted tour in the US and immediately got on the Grand event. Together with his wife Alla Pugacheva showman called for a Grand party organized in honor of the anniversary of Olga Steep, wife of the famous composer Igor Krutoy. Among the guests of honor were Philip Kirkorov, Valery Leontiev, Nikolai Baskov, Jasmine and other Russian pop stars.

69-year-old Alla is traditionally dressed in a saucy mini-dress, revealing slender legs of the singer. But Maxim decided upon arrival from the tour decided to radically change the style of clothing. The comedian appeared at the party in a rather strange outfit resembling monastic closet.

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Black wide trousers and a long cardigan in tone, which was hiding the same long shirt with drawings, Galkin added and large black boots. During the greeting of the birthday girl Maxim could not help but sarcastic, saying that he dressed following the example of artist Stas Mikhailov: “Dress up as you can. Today I got dressed, looking Instagram Stas Mikhailov. Every time something new”.

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One day home, then again on tour!!! Take care of each other!!!

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Maxima’s outfit is indeed a copy of the outfit Stas Mikhailov, who prefers loose clothes and hoodies. On one of the photos, the singer is depicted in exactly the same costume as max. It is unclear humorist really began to dress like Mikhailov or so I decided to make fun of his outfits.