Hotel chain Marriot said about the data breach 500 million guests

Hackers broke into the database guests of Starwood hotels belonging to the international company.

Гостиничная сеть Marriot сообщила об утечке данных 500 млн постояльцев


Employees of the hotel chain Marriot informed the police about the leak of personal data of 500 million guests and asked the police to take urgent measures to catch the crooks. The cyber criminals gained access to addresses, mobile device numbers, names, passport information and other confidential information of hotel’s guests. The leaders of the Marriot fear for the reputation of the company, and recommend guests to contact the hotel and ask about the safety of personal data. Police start investigation into the incident.

Marriot is a major player in the industry of management of hotel chains. It provides services in different countries. The value of the securities of the organization declined by more than five percent. MARRIOTT managers say that they do not want the leakage of confidential information, because it primarily suffers from the reputation of the company.