“House on wheels!”: Manufacturer of sleeping bag for Toyota Land Cruiser shown in the network

In the trunk of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 places so much, that there could comfortably sleep more than one person. To check this, autoblogger recorded the process of assembling an improvised sleeping bag, which he decided to put in the Luggage compartment of the vehicle.

«Дом на колесах!»: Изготовление спальника для Toyota Land Cruiser показали в сети

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«Дом на колесах!»: Изготовление спальника для Toyota Land Cruiser показали в сети

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The basis of sleeping bag was the metal frame bolted to the floor for a few screws. For the surface was chosen dense plywood, assembled from two halves and connected by loops, which for comfort and convenience, it was decided to sheathe the black carpet. To determine the most appropriate future location of a sleeping bag, you need the rear seats the maximum push from the front, lowering the back seat to the most comfortable position is necessary in order to then be push forward and fold down, lowering thus the second half of the design. The width of the sleeping bag enough to accommodate two people.

The author of the video said that due to the rather high legs of the frame, under the sleeping bag in the trunk still has enough space for storage and transportation of different bags or buggies. Commentators on the network appreciated the homemade tuning for Toyota Land Cruiser 200 – “Practically a house on wheels turned out beautiful!”

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