How did Bryan Cranston imagine the film Breaking Bad with Jesse Pinkman

Comment Bryan Cranston imagine le film Breaking Bad avec Jesse Pinkman

And he heaps praise on Aaron Paul.

Since the announcement of the preparation of a film derived from the series Breaking Bad, always with Vince Gilligan at the controls, it is the runaway media. While we learned last week that the feature film could tell the flight of Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), who manages to escape alive in the final episode of the series, Bryan Cranston spoke about the project again, in an interview with Indiewire, imagining what could have happen to the sidekick of Walter White :

Well, we don’t stop to talk about it. Frankly, I have not read the smaller script, so I can’t confirm that it will really happen or if I’ll be in the party. To tell the truth I don’t see that I will do in it. I don’t know. But Walter White is dead. What would we do ? I don’t know. It may be that flashbacks.

The film Breaking Bad could be dedicated to Jesse Pinkman

Bryan Cranston seems in any case to support the project, and he has only good things to say about his playing partner. “The way Aaron is married to the character, or perhaps the way that Jesse Pinkman was married to Aaron Paul, it was done with so much of humanism. He looked like a kid lost in the lack of landmarks in his life, but could only find it endearing. Vince concluded the series in the best of ways. Walter White had to die. It is he who is the cause of all this disaster and to this decay. And Jesse Pinkman was almost office of collateral victims, and he paid the price.

The actor even has his idea of what that could tell Vince Gilligan in the movie : “I’d like to see – though, again, I don’t know if it is he has in mind – Jesse change his course, he breaks free and finds his true vocation. Something that allow him to flourish as a human being, to open up and let someone into his life. And be happy. Because I believe that he has never been happy“.

Not sure what Vince Gilligan has in mind a story in the form of a happy ending for Jesse…

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