How do you like that, David trump: Tim cook cleverly joked the President of the United States

Как тебе такое, Дэвид Трамп: Тим Кук умело пошутил над президентом США

Apple CEO Tim cook played up the President of the United States Donald Trump, who had forgotten his name. He changed his name on Twitter for Tim Apple. Apparently, Tim cook all is well with the sense of humor, so the words of the President of the United States it did not hurt, on the contrary, amused. However, at the meeting he did not show his laughter on camera.

The new name of the head of the technology giant can only be seen with Apple devices, as it used the icon of the company logo. However, skilled web users still noticed this unusual step of the head of the Apple Corporation.

Previously March 7, Apple CEO made a presentation at the meeting of the Ministry of labor in Washington — he spoke about the success of the educational initiatives of the company. The American leader, commenting on the speech, I forgot the name of cook. “You really made a great contribution to the development of our country. We really appreciate it, Tim Apple,” said trump.

Как тебе такое, Дэвид Трамп: Тим Кук умело пошутил над президентом США

Recall that sales of smartphone with no buttons and holes Meizu Zero failed miserably. However, it was obvious, because humanity is not yet ready for such an unusual smartphones, the price tag of which exceeds 1300$. Device though received top stuffing, but the price is still obviously too high. The company reported that the release of the smartphone was a joke, but not really believed the message from the head of the company.

Earlier Znayu reported that a huge number of Android applications can follow users to merge data from the company Facebook. We have prepared a list of apps that merge your data the largest social network in the world.

Znayu wrote that the company Xiaomi has announced that the smartphones of the Corporation in the future considerably more expensive. The head of the company said that smartphones, cheaper 8 000 UAH will no longer be on the market and the Corporation will begin to build the reputation of the manufacturer of expensive smartphones.

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