Huawei boasted a new record: the flagship Mate 20 surpassed even the iPhone

Huawei похвасталась новым рекордом: флагман Mate 20 обошел даже iPhone

Unit custom Chinese electronics giant Huawei boasted another achievement. Of course, we are talking about the smartphone Huawei 20, whose sales exceeded 10 million. It is noteworthy that this was achieved in just 4 months.

Huawei похвасталась новым рекордом: флагман Mate 20 обошел даже iPhone

In December last year, when Huawei announced 200 million smartphones shipped for the year, separately allocated to the series 20 Mate. They said 5 million shipped devices, and a month later this figure had improved to 7.5 million units. And now passed the milestone of 10 million units. Apparently, even these smartphones, which are already filling the far top, and are popular even today. The company has proved its ability to make high-quality smartphones, and the number of units of equipment sold is confirmed.

Huawei похвасталась новым рекордом: флагман Mate 20 обошел даже iPhone

Huawei also shared some interesting statistics. So it is reported that in China, where the Mate 20 was particularly in demand, the share of customers compared to the predecessors Mate 10 substantially increased the proportion of young users. However, the reason for this was it a good camera that takes quality pictures even at night.

Recall, the experts tested the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 on maintainability. To the surprise of the public, he earned all 3 stars and 10. This means that it’s much easier to buy a new device than to repair. Given the unusual settings screen, repair will cost UAH 10 000, if not more. However, to repair the gadget by yourself just will not work.

Earlier Znayu reported that the company Meizu introduced a budget smartphone Note 9. The main feature of the device was the top camera. Besides, the novelty has already appeared in Ukraine. As for the prices on the shelves, the device would have to pay about 7500 UAH.

Znayu wrote that the popular messaging app Viber has suddenly added a night theme for apps on the smartphone. Activate it is quite simple, and anyone can try the new functionality of the application.

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