Huawei Mate X vs Samsung Galaxy Fold: KRO cooler

Huawei Mate X против Samsung Galaxy Fold: кро круче

Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold

The differences between the Huawei Mate and Samsung Galaxy X Fold much more than similarities. By and large, integrating these smartphones with only a folding display. However, the market for flexible smartphones are just starting to gain momentum, so manufacturers have lots of ideas to realize themselves in this market. However, this does not mean that they have different purposes. First and foremost, it is smartphones that are able to increase in size.

Huawei Mate X против Samsung Galaxy Fold: кро круче

Each of smartphones has its absolute advantages. In the case of Huawei Mate X these include large frameless screens in both modes of use, support 5G and incredibly fast charging, allowing only 30 minutes to fill 85% of battery capacity. However, the cost of the device is about 2600 dollars, which is prohibitively expensive for smartphone. Samsung will sell the device for $ 2,000.

Huawei Mate X против Samsung Galaxy Fold: кро круче

The Galaxy Fold a lot more RAM, has wireless charging and a few additional cameras. The latter allow to use video and to do a selfie in any mode of use of the device. However, the build quality is too early to say, so that the durability of the device makes no sense to say.

Recall that Apple Watch Series 5 will have a unique feature you won’t find even the competitors. It is reported that the device will learn to follow the dream of its owner, allowing to obtain more accurate information about the state of his health. Most likely, the device will show the world in September 2019.

Earlier Znayu reported that Sony has named the date of the death of game consoles PS Vita. It is reported that the gaming console has enjoyed great popularity, therefore the company decided to stop supplying and manufacturing of this portable game console.

Znayu wrote that Xiaomi Pocophone F1 has sharply fallen in price. Recall that at the time of commencement of sales of the device were sold at a price of 10 thousand hryvnia. Now the device can be purchased on the territory of Ukraine for 8 000.

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