Hundreds of Putin’s military picked up parasites: worms are lung and brain

Сотни путинских военных подхватили паразитов: черви поражают легкие и мозг

The military Prosecutor’s office began checking on the fact of mass infection by echinococcosis of the pupils of the Ulyanovsk Suvorov military school. This was reported by the military Prosecutor of the Ulyanovsk garrison Maxim Nechaev.

At the moment the analyses are derived from 685 cadets and employees of the school. Just eight of them. The symptoms found in 25. Due to the illness threatened their future career, according to “Radio Liberty”.

A full examination, doctors promise to finish 6 Feb.

In turn, the mother of one of the cadets Hope Khitrov said that the parasites were infected with 30 children and three officers. The three students “worms eaten in one easy”. According to her, cases of parents reported that their children now with disabilities.

  • Sunday on the website of the Ministry of health of the Ulyanovsk region reported that the local cadets of the Suvorov military school, doctors discovered echinococcosis is a parasitic disease caused by tapeworms. The disease is also found in one worker of the kitchen. The symptoms found when the regional children’s clinical hospital sent the first students with suspected pulmonary pathology.
  • On Monday in the regional Ministry of health held a briefing where the main children’s infectious diseases of Department Alexey Smolin voiced a possible cause of mass infection. According to him, “it occurs by drinking contaminated water and eating “unprocessed” food products”. Earlier, the management of the Suvorov military school was assured that the disease that is not transmitted from person to person, not connected with the organization of eating and living conditions, and an interdepartmental inspection no violations of sanitary standards is not revealed. The Institute also suggested that the disease is transmitted from animals, from what the guide said.
  • According to the head of the Department of infectious and skin and venereal diseases, Ulyanovsk state University Lyubov Kiseleva, age mix of cases great is the students from 5 th to 11-th class. They found cysts in lungs and liver, which are slow growing; however, as assured Kiseleva, signs complications none of the cases no. She also noted that “the source of infection still unclear, and it is difficult to say at once whether it was infected”. In any case, the treatment of cadets may take from three months to a year. In the early stages of hydatid disease is treated by tablets, in advanced cases may require surgical intervention. According to Kiseleva, “is impossible to say whether the ill cadets to continue military career.”
  • In turn, the Deputy of the state Duma Alexey Chicken, a surgeon by profession, two-year stint in the Legislative Assembly of the Ulyanovsk region, wrote on his page in social network “Vkontakte”, that “the sanitary-epidemiological Commission of the region, which was to meet on Sunday evening, has been canceled.” According to chicken, many parents panic: “they come from other cities, take their children and examine them for themselves.” The Deputy noted that, in his impression, “the problem of trying to “localize” and to prevent Federal scandal” “interested and the Ministry of defence and the regional authorities”. Some victims, according to the chicken, “there is a focal lesion of the brain.” “If this is the Echinococcus, of a military career many of these people will have to forget”, – he stressed, adding that “such a mass, local, and massive infection of this disease has never been recorded”.
  • Chicken also noted that the parasite enters the body in the majority of cases with food, so to speak of a mass contact of children with infected animals or failure to comply with the cadets personal hygiene as causes of disease, “absolutely wrong.” Given the organised nature of power, it, according to chicken, needs to go or negligence (for example, “the use of substandard products, or improper handling, or contamination at the stage of preparation”) or “outright sabotage”.

  • The publication the Moscow Post argues that the power supplies in the Suvorov military school was engaged in the Ulyanovsk company “Trading house – SPP”, owned by the ex-Chairman of Ulyanovsk region government and friend of the Governor of the region Dmitry Ryabov. As the media, the firm “captured the market of social power in Ulyanovsk”. Director “TD CAF” Sergei Bondarev, commenting on the contamination of the cadets of the Suvorov military school, said that the contract for the supply of products over from the company on December 15 last year. Based on the incubation period of echinococcosis, as well as the fact that the disease is often asymptomatic and long time may not be identified, The Moscow Post suggests that Kondarev trying to “remove the responsibility from his company.”
  • In March 2018, the newspaper “Kommersant” reported that “TD CAF” was suspected in cartel cases – an appeal to the regional Antimonopoly service was made by the Deputy of the state Duma Anton Guetta. The test lasted five months, but according to its results, FAS has not found evidence of a cartel. In July, the test continued employees of the head office of the FAS. In the materials stated that the whole social power of Ulyanovsk actually divided between two companies – “Alternative” and “TD CAF”, and also affiliated with them firms. FAS noted that from 2015 to 2017, the market had held 437 trades worth 3 billion 672 million rubles. Of them “Alternative” and “TD CAF” got contracts for 3 billion 636 million. The test results became the basis for vozbujdeniya cases in which members of a cartel threatened till 6 years of imprisonment. However, the official charges are still not brought against anyone.
  • At the end of 2018, the media reported mass cases of dysentery in the Moscow kindergartens, in which the food was supplied by the company “Konkord”, owned by “the chef Putin,” St. Petersburg businessman Eugene Prigogine. Outbreaks of dysentery were recorded in at least nine institutions. Parents have created a social network “Vkontakte” community “Dysentery in kindergartens of Moscow”, where they began to share information about cases. According to reports in the group, the number of children suffering from intestinal infection, in the hundreds.
  • According to the results of publications in mass-media Dmitry Ryabov has filed a lawsuit on protection of honor and business reputation. In the “TD CAF” all allegations of supply of substandard food blamed on the machinations of competitors.
  • In December 2018 it became known that “TD CAF” won the auction for the organization of power in the Voronezh schools, with a contract worth over 150 million rubles. Parents of pupils of local school No. 103 filed an appeal to the Prosecutor of the region, which claimed that cooking of food in the institution involved “do not have special medical examinations and vaccinations” the people and the food is served “cold and tasteless” what children “have to eat at the buffet”. The edition “Arguments and facts” cited the opinions of users of social networks about the quality of food in school №103. Based on these, the children were served “porridge-like glue”, “scrambled gray” and “cold pasta with a frozen top, not butter, not cheese.”

Сотни путинских военных подхватили паразитов: черви поражают легкие и мозг

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