Husband Nadia Dorofeeva conquers new York: too much pathos

Муж Нади Дорофеевой покоряет Нью-Йорк: слишком много пафоса

Vladimir Dantes

The husband of the famous Ukrainian singer and the soloist of group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva and Vladimir Dantes from time to time puts funny posts on his page on the social network Instagram. For a long time in the network there were rumors that Dylan is unemployed and lives at the expense of more wealthy and popular wife. Recently, however, Dantes boasted work on a new project, what intrigued fans. Now it showed pictures from new York.

The photograph, which this time appeared in the account of Vladimir Dantes, he appeared on the overview of the audience in a funny manner. The artist walks the streets of the American metropolis and talks about them with Nadia Dorofeeva adventures. So, on the eve Vova posted a post that didn’t want to go to new York and why.

“New York is the city that I didn’t want to visit a city that seemed to me very scary and mega interesting. Me now it’s hard to drive. The morning started with a gorgeous view from the window, continued to walk in search of Breakfast, now on the agenda is shopping! P. S. In my head constantly PA-PA-pabba, PA-PA-pabba, if you know what I mean,” wrote Dantes.

Shortly after this post Vladimir Dantes has published another photo with a cute and justification. In the photograph, the artist appeared on the overview of the audience in dark clothes, on top of which put on a beige coat. At the same time on his shoulder with a bright turquoise bag.

“Guys who seemed to like my @nadyadorofeeva previous post pathetic, to report that the shopping went well, we ate, walked and go to the hotel. But in my heart I really miss the snow, which fell without me at home…”, – wrote Vladimir in the caption to the photo. Fans are not passed by and began to actively discuss the new York publish Dantes.

We will remind, the husband of Nadia Dorofeeva Dantes was intrigued by a new project.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the husband Dorofeeva left work on the “panel”.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Dorofeeva climbed Dantes on people.

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