Husband Nadia Dorofeeva devoted to verse Monetise

Муж Нади Дорофеевой посвятил стих Монатику

Vladimir Dantes

A famous actor, TV presenter and blogger Vladimir Dantes, who is the husband of a popular singer Nadia Dorofeeva always differed originality of their posts in Instagram. Vova and then publish unusual photos, and wrote them funny captions. So, this time the husband Dorofeeva decided to congratulate Dmitry Montica happy birthday funny post.

On his page in the social network Vladimir Dantes has posted a joint photo with Monticom and Nadia Dorofeeva, and in the caption to the photo he wrote amusing verse-congratulation. On pictures Dantes posing in dark pants and a turtleneck, and Monadic – in the black sweater with the word “Dior”. But Nadia appeared in the photo in a stylish manner – she is wearing blue jeans with curtained waist with drawstring-waistband and black top, over which she put on a white blouse in small black polka dots.

Here’s a verse written Dantes Monetise:

“33 when it is not yet clear
We are on “you” or “you”
33 this is when a childhood full pants
And in the house for two mini You.
33 there is something to tell
Even “in my time”
Or the word “youth” to say
But so beautiful 33
To return home, where they meet those 3
Those three, which is all YOU!

If anything, I’m sorry for such a picture, she’s the only one (in my phone) with you! @monatik_official”.

Fans are not passed by and began to discuss a new publication, Dantes. Fans praising verse Vova and joined his congratulations to Monetise. “A wonderful word! Dima happy birthday”, “Beautiful and congratulations”, “Super”, “Dima, happy birthday”, “Wow, handsome”, “It’s very touching, All three are cool,” write the following in the comments to the photo Dantes.

We will remind, the husband of Nadia Dorofeeva Dantes was intrigued by a new project.

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