Hydro-Quebec suspends the application of fees for unpaid invoices

Since the fight against the pandemic comes with its share of financial difficulties, Hydro-Quebec announced Sunday the suspension of the application of its fees for unpaid invoices.
T he citizens and businesses unable to pay their electricity bills will not be penalized “until further notice”, said a press release published on Sunday morning.

The measure will take effect on Monday. The end date has not been specified, but it will “most likely” be aligned with the end of the state of health emergency, said Cendrix Bouchard, a spokesperson for the corporation, in an interview with The Canadian Press.

Although the suspension of the application of fees for unpaid invoices will automatically apply to all customers, those who anticipate problems with their payments are encouraged to contact Hydro-Québec to reach an agreement.

Mr. Bouchard explained that the payment agreements are concluded “on a case-by-case basis” after the crown corporation has assessed its client’s ability to pay and allow payment to be deferred over a longer period.

Faced with the crisis, the state-owned company had already announced earlier this week an extension of the winter moratorium on service interruptions.

Hydro-Québec defended itself from being tight-fisted by not offering its electricity for free over a certain period.

Mr. Bouchard argued that the production, transmission and distribution of electricity have a cost. In addition, he added, the profits of the crown corporation being given to the government, if other announcements were made, they would have an impact on the funds used to finance the announcements in Quebec.

Hydro-Québec does not rule out giving other respites to its customers. “We will continue to monitor the situation and see what we can do,” said Mr. Bouchard. The goal is to help people. ”

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