Hysteria close: Buzova on the verge of death due to nervous strain

Concert in “Crocus” may not take place if the psyche of the singer all-taki “will crack”.

Истерика близко: Бузова «на грани» из-за нервного перенапряжения

18 Nov in “Crocus” will perform Olga Buzova. The singer is preparing a really great show, giving it everything in rehearsal. The star has set an ambitious goal and goes to her without stopping, but lately more and more often in her behavior manifested notes of strong internal excitement and overexertion. Recently, she once again experienced the betrayal of a loved one, because Denis Lebedev allegedly concealed from her a lot, even infidelity. In place Buzova any other woman at least a few months feeling sorry for myself, but the artist is not allowed – it “swallowed” the pain and went to practice.

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Истерика близко: Бузова «на грани» из-за нервного перенапряжения

“Tummy grown up”: Buzova Pregnant at the training touched by fans

Singer and television personality posted Instagram-a story that spawned a new wave of rumors about her pregnancy.

The fact that Lebedev and other suitors Buzova will come to her performance in “Crocus” only adds stress to the artist. For quite some time she sat on a rigid diet to look on the scene with dignity, but she makes Olga more and more nervous. A few days ago the singer in a mild form scolded the guy out of his dancers, who ate junk food with her, because she Buzova “died” from the desire to enjoy something like that.

The singer continues to train every day in the singing, but hate to criticize it also do not stop in one of the new video Buzova broke down and appealed to all the critics, but those only further embittered. Now the singer realizes that any misstep on stage in “Crocus” will be widely publicized in the media, and this fact is of calm and balance adds.

Истерика близко: Бузова «на грани» из-за нервного перенапряжения


Judging by the projects “Marry Buzova” or “House 2”, dressed up in such a situation Buzova have to cry, but instead, the star continues to keep things close and smile artificial smile. Any slack will only please the haters, but the “iron lady” literally can hurt emotionally unstable singer. Now we can assume that the turbulent hysterical Buzova already close, and to end it can be very frightening for the health of the stars. Buzova on the verge of death due to nervous tension, because of which her performance in “Crocus” can not take place, because the performer will have to go for treatment in the clinic.

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