“I found a saucepan lid!”: Lover makes Volochkova dushevnobolnyh.

Fans of the ballerina, rejoiced over her new lover are already taking back his words.


The identity of a lover Anastasia Volochkova is still unknown, but fans have started to say that they would not want to meet this man. After all, under his influence, the dancer, without any exaggeration, is transformed into dushevnobolnyh, believe in the social media commentators believe that celebrities “the loony bin”. This is manifested mainly in publications in the vast social networks in which Anastasia supposedly is trying to outdo itself in terms of vulgarity, vulgarity and shock value.

Earlier Volochkova, although slightly blunted, but still had a sense of proportion about what is possible and what is impossible to do in the vast social networks. New lover, apparently, exclusively deals with the fact that throws wood on the fire and additionally corrupts Anastasia, involuntarily forcing to do something she didn’t agree. The last couple of weeks in her Instagram regularly publishes articles, always causing a scandal. It is possible thereby Volochkova wants to bring your account in Instagram to a volume of one million subscribers, but for some reason does not work, even with regular nudity and vulgar behavior.


There are, of course, a small fraction of the probability that Volochkova, do these steps myself, but still believe in social networks, everything happened as in the saying: “I Found a saucepan lid”. Since there is exactly what a new lover Volochkova fits her so perfectly that it becomes even scary what they are capable of and what will happen with social networks and ex-prima in the future.