“I wanted to resurrect Stalin”: Slepakova struck people’s anger, that is a given “poem”

"Хотел воскресить Сталина": на Слепакова обрушился народный гнев, вот это выдал "стишок"

Famous Russian showman Simon Slepakov excited audience in the network’s provocative poem of Vladimir Lenin, on his birthday (April 22). He drew a parallel between what happened in Russia a hundred years ago and today’s reality, hinting that the country and the world, nothing has changed. Poetry Slepakov posted to Instagram, triggering heated debate on the network.

One hundred years ago, Lenin was sure
That soon will change the world for the better —
That it will not be the rich and the poor
Everyone will be happy-medium.
Hungry people in a distant
Not too developed countries
Plow stops for his uncle,
And will be withdrawn capital
Evil billionaires
All of them will come and kick your…well pam,
And will they work
FASA, for example, buckwheat
Or changing tires.
Will arise a new society,
Happy and cheerful.
Here we begin to live —
Rejoicing, thought Lenin,
That would be cool, guys! —
Often he cried, burring.
And everybody shouted “Hurrah!”
And killed each other,
Burned, blown up, shot,
So it was all good.
And Lenin watched, rubbing
Small hands,
And said, “All right!
Even fire a shot over there”…
And here was a whole century
Capital no XP..not withdrawn,
In the distant underdeveloped countries
As before, working for his uncle,
Only now collect
Cars, laptops, iPhones,
They make sneakers and t-shirts
World-famous brands.
While they themselves have nothing
To cover their naked W..NN
And well..PY theirs kids
They get a pittance,
And eat whatever is available —
It would be something to poop.
The world is ruled by money,
Chicks give you for iPhones
Collected in the distant,
Unknown to them countries.
And all kill each other
Shoot, burn, blow up
So it was all good.
But Lenin has long become
In a sad withered little body
Lying near the Gum
That love only the old
Not very normal people
Not to bury,
Since then, bury
Morally and themselves.
Such is the revolution
These results of the century
And it seems like fun
How cool it all began… .
But I’m sure someday
And maybe very soon
Lenin’s prophecy will come true
The world reign of happiness
Will not be rich and poor,
In General, one will not.
And everything will be fine.

Comedian reasonably pointed out that a hundred years ago, the Soviet leader believed that “capital withdrawn in evil billionaires, and all will be happy-medium”. After his inspiring speeches “all shouted “Hurrah!” And killed each other, burned, drowned, shot, to make it all right”.

Under the post turned heated discussion. Some appreciate the sarcasm and subtle humor Slepakova, others considered it a personal insult and, not choosing words, attacked the showman.

"Хотел воскресить Сталина": на Слепакова обрушился народный гнев, вот это выдал "стишок"

“There is a LAN…stupid. Posted a photo deeply sick person after impact. Scum you. Even clowns don’t have to be stinking, Bravo! I subscribe to every word”, “Support the author. People with a firm hand he signed thousands of death list, which includes his fellow citizens, guilty only in the fact that they ideologically disagree with him, nothing but a mockery, not deserving”, “Very cheap! This balletto!”, “What nonsense, complete nonsense. He realized at all that I wrote?” indignant users, expanding under the post heated debate.

"Хотел воскресить Сталина": на Слепакова обрушился народный гнев, вот это выдал "стишок"

Slepakov could not ignore such activity on the page and answered all the malcontents who attacked him with unfounded criticism.

Naadam Slepakov turned to the fans: thanks to everyone who worried about me.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” Shepelev is going to become a dad for the second time.

Also “Znayu” I wrote Pugacheva and Galkin dragged into a legal battle over division of property.

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