Illusion awareness: scientists conducted an experiment on readers of the news, the results are shocking

Иллюзия осведомленности: ученые провели эксперимент над читателями новостей, результаты шокируют

You do not want to be a scientist and carry out a complex study to know humanity is so lazy that almost every user of social networks does not hold more than a minute on most news sites, thus not bothering to read the whole article.

But still the scientific staff of York College in Pennsylvania decided not to guess and to know the exact data and scored 1000 participants, dividing them into three groups. The study is published in the journal Research and Politics. Reports Hvilya.

Иллюзия осведомленности: ученые провели эксперимент над читателями новостей, результаты шокируют

So we know that the first group of 320 participants, the researchers were asked to read the full article from The Washington Post about genetically modified foods.

The second group, which included 319 participants received a news feed in Facebook with four different advanced snippets of articles.

Third – (351 participants) do not receive information.

Then, experts tested the knowledge of participants and asked them six questions on genetically modified foods.

The researchers ‘ report showed that more than half of Facebook users spend no more than 15 seconds on a news article, which is barely enough to view one paragraph.

This may mean that readers formed the illusion that they are informed, when in fact it is not.

However, there is good news, even the article had a positive influence: while the people who fully read the article, on average, of expected showed the best result, people who only read the snippet correctly answered only one question more than the control group.

Recall that any technological innovations that annually appear on the market often acquire a variety of prejudices and fears.

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