In August, YouTube user expects global update: not everyone will like

В августе пользователей YouTube ожидает глобальное обновление: понравится не всем


Since August of this year, YouTube will start to show a round number of subscribers of the channels is accurate.

It is stated in the blog itself.

It is noted that now the company rounds up the number of subscribers, but not on all available channels. The company said that since August, the number of subscribers will be shown rounded.

[quote author=””]”Now the subscribers count is rounded on most, but not all

В августе пользователей YouTube ожидает глобальное обновление: понравится не всем


YouTube said that the number of subscribers you first need to channel owners and their subscribers, so the message about the update is out now.

However, after implementing these updates, the number of subscribers will only see the owner of the channel, because at the moment the exact number is known to all, starting from the owners, ending the third-party services.

It is worth mentioning that Apple introduced the updated MacBook Pro with OCTA core processor and improved keyboard, as well as expanded maintenance program problem keyboard laptop.

We will remind, the Ministry of internal Affairs and security of South Korea announced the intention to transfer government computers from Windows to Linux. This step is due to lower cost and reduce dependence on one operating system.

As reported “Znayu” Bureau of industry and security of the United States published a document, according to which Huawei is allowed to maintain the existing U.S. network equipment, and update software. However, the company has one advantage, which will allow a little more time to postpone the ban.

Also “Znayu” wrote that one of the last decisions of Petro Poroshenko as President of Ukraine was the signing of a decree on the introduction of 5G in Ukraine. The paper claims clear timelines for the introduction of 5G by 2020. Apparently, on the territory of Ukraine support the new network will be faster than expected with millions of users on the network.

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