In Austria reported that “Russian spy” confessed to the crime

The ex-Colonel told the secret information for 300 thousand euros.

В Австрии сообщили, что «русский шпион» признался в содеянном

Austria today reported that so-called “Russian spy,” confessed to the crime, namely that financial reward was an informant of the Kremlin. Ex-Colonel every two weeks in contact with a person calling himself Yuri, and get the information of 300 thousand euros. A meeting of the former Austrian military and Yuri was the home of the informant, and beyond, and the relationship they maintained with the help of several devices. At the moment these devices confiscated by representatives of the Austrian side. The data from the laptop of a former Colonel in Vienna will be evaluated by the experts.

Recently it became known that the detainees of the military who are accused of spying, is 70-the summer pensioner. In the press do not mention his name, but it is known that the work on the exploration of another state he faces ten years in prison. The detainee worked for Russia since the 1990s, reports the Austrian press.

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