In Brazil were found 6000-year-old skulls with teeth

У Бразилії були знайдені 6000-річні черепа з зубами

Two skeletons with well-preserved teeth and bones were found at a depth of 60 centimeters on one of the construction sites of the road in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

An amazing discovery was made by archaeologists in Brazil. Two well-preserved skeleton of the ancient “Indians” had been taken to Florida for detailed study. Scientists at the bones and teeth were able to establish that people lived 5880 years ago and belonged to one of the ancient tribes “Jiabu” that lived in Brazil 10 000 years ago. This finding confirmed the assumption that earlier this place was an island, whose residents ate mostly fish. So well preserved skull with teeth talking about the great content of phosphorus in human nutrition.

Experts suggest that hundreds of tribes Jiabu appeared in South America, due to the migration of hunters from Asia across the Bering Strait. However, the ongoing influx of Europeans with unknown diseases of wild Indians wiped from the face of the Earth the lot of them. The findings are likely served ritual purposes or was the burial place of people. The culture of these people had no written language and left behind agricultural results, so they are little studied. And all the remains that were found earlier, talking only about the hunting of the aborigines of the continent.

The study area was joined by a large group of historians, biologists and archaeologists. Scientists need to open more than 1,500 villages located nearby. Who knows, maybe 6000летние the remains are the “young” in a series of bizarre discoveries of scientists in Brazil.

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