In China for 23 years and held in prison is innocent because of an error investigation

Jin Jejuni was sentenced to a postponed death penalty in 1996, but later changed the sentence to life imprisonment for the rape of a 20-year-old girl, which he did not commit.

В Китае 23 года держали в тюрьме невиновного из-за ошибки следствия


In China for 23 years and held in prison an innocent man because of an error of the investigation, although the relatives of the prisoner filed an appeal trying to prove the innocence of a citizen to the incident. Jin Jehona accused of the rape and destruction of young lady, whose corpse was found near the railway. First, the suspect denied involvement, but later admitted to the crime. To do this he was forced by the investigators, who used torture during interrogations. Later, the prisoner told the lawyer how law enforcement was able to obtain his testimony in the case.

The release of the Chinese helped the reporters advanced edition of China The Paper, who spent his own investigation and his family, constantly writing statements in different instances. In 2014 the Supreme court of China agreed to review the case. In the end, the lawyer of the arrested by mistake people were able to prove his innocence. During the investigation it became clear that law enforcement authorities are not guided by facts, conjectures, when I tried to put in jail the man.

Now the prisoner is 50 years and 30 November 2018 released him from the camera home. The half-life citizen in jail because of the arbitrariness of investigators.