In Davos, introduced high-tech robot that skates

В Давосе представили высокотехнологичного робота, который катается на коньках

At the world economic forum in Davos was presented Skaterbot four — legged robot developed at ETH (Zurich). Instead of wheels that move already known the walkers, Skaterboy attached skates.

В Давосе представили высокотехнологичного робота, который катается на коньках

When the robot made the first moves on the ice, one of the spectators exclaimed: “I started the same way!”

Skaterbot able to adapt to the surface and, thus, to learn to walk on her own.

В Давосе представили высокотехнологичного робота, который катается на коньках

The video shows that his feet develop move alternately then right, then left, allowing her to continue driving in slippery conditions. A few hours of training Skaterbot developed a gait where his feet are constantly turning right and left, creating a wave-like motion.

In addition to skates Skaterbot able to adapt to different formats of the design engineers already taught him to walk on the walking chassis, and caterpillars.

Recall that the Swiss Federal Institute of technology introduced a new version of four-legged robots ANYmal device taught to move faster than ever, and not let himself down down.

We will remind, companies from around the globe tested four-day work week: the results are impressive.

Companies around the world that tested the reduction of the working week to four days, found that it significantly improves employee productivity and reduces their burnout, as reported by Reuters.

The founder of the Berlin-based company-software developer for project management Planio Ian Schultz-Haven said: “This is much more useful, and we can do better if not working at a frantic pace”. The company at the beginning of the year provided 10 of its employees the opportunity to work 4 days a week.

The new Zealand insurance company Perpetual Guardian claims that after the introduction of the 32-hour work weeks there is a noticeable reduction of stress and at the same time improving employee engagement.

As reported Znayu Putin showed “modern robot”. It appeared to be a children’s animator in the costume.

The engineers at Boston Dynamics are tearing the hair on his head. In Russia at the forum “Proektoriya”, which was created at the personal request of chief of the Donetsk and Crimean thugs of Vladimir Putin, an ordinary mortal man gave technical novelty, dressed up in a robot costume. Still Boris was called instead of Alyosha, then You will understand everything our dear reader. Importantly, loud laugh.

Also Znayu wrote, indistinguishable from the human: the first brain computer stunned the world.

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