In Egypt have discovered a terrible burial: 12 children’s bodies

В Египте обнаружили страшное захоронение: 12 детских тел

The burial was discovered in the province of Minya, South of Cairo.

Archaeologists have unearthed in the Egypt tomb, which was 50 mummies. 12 of them children. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Affairs of antiquities of Egypt.

В Египте обнаружили страшное захоронение: 12 детских тел

Find Egyptian archaeologists was the largest this year.

In the tomb were the mummies of 50 dynasty of the Ptolemies (IV-I century BC). The burial was discovered in the province of Minya South of Cairo. Mummy was in the family cemetery inside the penalty burial chambers in the area of tuna El-Gabala. Human bodies were partially wrapped in a linen cloth, some of them were located on the floor of the crypt, others lay in coffins of wood and stone.

As said archaeologists found the mummies have a mixed sex composition, besides, 12 of them children. As experts say, the dead belonged to the middle class of Egypt and had high positions.

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