In Egypt severely punished officials for the murder of Ukrainian women: will pay with blood

В Египте жестоко наказали чиновника за убийство украинки: отплатит кровью

Egyptian state employee received the maximum sentence for the brutal murder of Ukrainka.

This is reported by the media.

It is now known that a terrible crime occurred in a hotel in the resort town of Hurghada, an Egyptian killed a woman during a robbery of her apartment.

В Египте жестоко наказали чиновника за убийство украинки: отплатит кровью

It is known that the body of a murdered Ukrainian women found a man who immediately called the police, and the suspect was detained on “hot traces on his body found traces of a fight and blood on clothes.

However, it should be noted that archaeologists from the University of Tulane in Peru found a mass burial place of the XV century, which stores hundreds of remains of children and llamas.

According to the researchers, found the tomb a kind of sacrifice after the El niño, which hit the Western coast of South America, writes Daily Mail.

The priests of pre-Columbian civilization “Chim” was stabbed more than 140 boys and girls aged from five to fourteen years to, as they believed, appease the gods. The nature of damage on the remains of the victims say that many of them cut out the hearts.

Archaeologists believe that in such a literally enormous sacrifice the people of Chimu pushed a series of floods and storms caused by the legendary El Nino.

В Египте жестоко наказали чиновника за убийство украинки: отплатит кровью

Analysis of the remains of more than 200 children and llamas dates back to the mass murder of about 1450, in the heyday of civilization tsimu on the North coast of Peru.

Place of burial, Juancito Las Lamas is 1.6 km from the capital of the Chimu city of Chan Chan, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Ancient Chimu Empire controlled the territory with a length of 965 km along the Pacific coast and inland valleys from the modern Peru-Ecuador border. The results of the study were obtained after six years of excavation at the site in the period from 2011 to 2016.

The sacrifice of humans and animals are found in various ancient cultures and often took place in the framework of the funeral, architectural or spiritual rituals

Recall, the culprits of the death of Kharkiv Professor received a life sentence.

As reported “Znayu” in Kharkov judge horrible family of cannibals.

Also “Znayu” wrote that in Kherson dangerous repeat offender was released and preys on passers-by with a knife.

The man who last year killed a man in Egypt sentenced to death

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