In Facebook revealed a new leak of user data

A company to provide Internet security Imperva has published new information about the vulnerability in Facebook, which could allow an attacker to learn information about users.

В Facebook выявили новую утечку данных пользователей

An error allowed the sites to obtain the data of social network users and their friends using unauthorized API access company. This threat was exposed users who were using the Chrome browser. An error was identified in may, then they reported it to management Facebook. In the future, the problem was fixed.

Social network users has been compromised after visiting malicious websites through the Chrome browser. After you log in to Facebook it was enough to make one click on a malicious website, then the attackers could open a pop-up window or tab to the search page of the social network and to identify the necessary information about its users.

Attackers could determine in what place and in what country made photo users, as well as having access to read messages from users with a specific text. Such hacker attacks were not even saved by the limitation of the privacy page in Facebook.

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