In India found a living creature from Greek mythology

В Индии нашли живое существо из древнегреческих мифов

In a village in the Samastipur district, in the Indian state of Bihar on 7 February, came to light a strange animal. The reason for that was a rare mutation. So normal healthy goat was born a one-eyed goat. The video with the animal noticed the portal Newsflare.

В Индии нашли живое существо из древнегреческих мифов

On the roller bleating goat with one eye and permanently protruding tongue keeps a woman.

According to the owner of the animal farmer Mohammed Azad (Azad Mohammed) around the animal immediately gathered the whole village. Someone started to pray to the goat, and the teenagers did to her a few selfies.

The anomaly of goats is called cyclopia in honor of the heroes of Greek mythology. It is found in one of the 16 thousand animals, and are often born with mutations are short-lived.

The disease is characteristic of vertebrates, in which the eyeballs completely or partially spliced and placed in one eye socket. The disease develops in the mother’s womb at an early stage, when the fetus has formed a brain and eyes.

A newborn with cyclopia no eyelids, eyelashes, and even nose — it replaces the muscular proboscis through which it can breathe. Among the people is one of the most rare disease with a frequency of one in a million.

We will remind that the similar case with the birth of one-eyed goat was also recorded in India. Veterinarians examined the animal, call it healthy, but told the owner to feed him through a tube due to the abnormally small mouth of a newborn.

Veterinarians thought that animal who also has the eye and ear there, will die within a few days after birth. But they were wrong.

We will remind, in the Philippines recently there has been an incredible event. The light appeared unusual animal. In callian, in the province of Sultan Kudarat, was born Piglet with three eyes.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” in Australia, scientists discovered a giant lizard with two heads. On the official page of the Australian reptile Park in Facebook said that usually animals with such mutations do not survive in nature.

Also “Znayu” I wrote in China, something incredible happened. Pig pig gave birth to a mutant with an elephant’s trunk on his forehead and a “human face”.

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