In Japan discovered nearly 90 abandoned vessels from the DPRK

According to the newspaper The Japan News, inside boats were found the bodies of the dead fishermen.

В Японии обнаружили почти 90 брошенных шхун из КНДР


For the autumn, off the coast of Japan coast guard, was discovered almost 90 abandoned fishing schooners, which, as suggested, came from the DPRK. It is noted that the watercraft was found 12 dead sailors. In 2017 over the same period, fished about 60 ships sailed from North Korea.

In Japan suggest that the increase in the number of boats in their territory is related to the fact that North Korea engaged in revitalization of the fishing networks in order to attract a maximum of foreign currency, using the illegal sale of seafood. It should be noted that due to the imposition of international sanctions, the DPRK can not sell other States ‘ fish and other seafood.

Last year the Japanese coast guard found a wooden boat with the dead citizens of North Korea. On the clothes of the fishermen was recorded badges with portraits of former leaders of the DPRK. In addition, the ship found packs of North Korean cigarettes.

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