In Kiev beat the participant of national selection for Eurovision: attacked the crowd in the subway

В Киеве избили участника Нацотбора на Евровидение: напали толпой в метро

The musician and the participant of National selection for Eurovision – 2019 KHAYAT was the victim of a beating in the Kiev metro. This became known from the message of the artist in Instagram, reports Business.Media.

The social network KHAYAT posted a photo where his face is covered with bruises. “Haters, I love you” – signed photo artist.

В Киеве избили участника Нацотбора на Евровидение: напали толпой в метро

The incident occurred in the Kiev subway when the artist after the interview went to an acoustic concert with his friend. In the subway car, they were approached by a few guys.

“One of them says: “are you from TV?” I got used to the fact that people get to know me, I always extend my hand to say Hello. And then instead of Hello, the person hits you in the face! They were similar to those recently released from places of imprisonment”, – said the artist.

В Киеве избили участника Нацотбора на Евровидение: напали толпой в метро

As noted by the artist KHAYAT, passengers who witnessed the attack no one stood up, despite the fact that in the car were men in the form of the national guard.

“When I went to the station worker and asked, “Where are the police?”, they replied: “in my office”. I said, “What HR*are they sitting there?” In our country you have to be ready that if something happens, then we all will spit on you” – he said.

It is noted that the singer feels good, it will be much more affected by his friend. According to the artist, his friend kicked him in the face.

KHAYAT also said that was not addressed in police with the statement, as it is not waiting for some response from law enforcement and does not wish to participate in the investigation.

Earlier, we reported that in Kharkov, the parents beaten to death three-year-old girl.

We also wrote that in the center of Kiev had killed a man, photo 18

On Friday, February 1, in Kiev, near the house at the address of Yuri Ilyenko, 7 discovered the body of a man. It found traces of violent death.

It is noted that the man is 30-35 years. The corpse was lying near the Mafs. When police arrived, the man was already dead. A patrolman noticed the bloody footprints and called the detectives. The inspection found that the body of a man has 5-6 wounds from a knife. The exact cause of death will be determined by the pathologists. Who killed the man and what was the motive to find out to militiamen. At the place of work investigative team the Shevchenko district police headquarters. Details set.

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