In London injured 20 people off the bus, caught in a stop

18 people were taken to hospital, and among the injured 15-year-old child.

В Лондоне пострадали 20 человек от автобуса, угодившего в остановку

In London the bus while driving hit the stop. Because of the accident injured 20 people. This incident recorded in the district of West Croydon is the largest site where people switched from ground transportation for the Shuttle. The representative of the law enforcement authorities reported that 18 people were taken to hospital, and among the seriously injured are 15-year-old girl.

The bus driver, who was 60-year-old Englishman, arrested by the police for suspicion that while driving was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Information about who died there. Note that the bus was a double Decker. Because of the accident section of street was closed, and because of this changed 17 flights of public transport.