In Lviv loud concert Diana Krall: fans have been waiting for

Во Львове отгремит концерт  Дайаны Кролл: фанаты заждались

Popular jazz singer and pianist from Canada Diana Krall for the first time will give a concert in Lviv, and in Ukraine in General. It is noteworthy that Diana Krall was five times awarded the prestigious musical award “Grammy”.

What is known about a jazz artist?

She was born in 1964, at the moment she was sixty-four years. The first album the singer released in 1993 and since then came to her starry glory.

It is known that her third album took pride of place in the top chart Billboard. Diana Krall toured with Tony Bennett and many others.

Во Львове отгремит концерт  Дайаны Кролл: фанаты заждались

A turning point for her was in 2002 when from a serious illness her mother died, and soon died of her mentor ray brown. By the way, ray brown voted the best jazz smuggler.

A year after tragic loss, Diana Krall married. Interestingly, the wedding was held in the estate of Elton John. But three years later, in 2016, the jazz singer gave birth to twin sons.

After the wedding Diana started working with her husband Elvis Costello. In 2004 they released their first album together.

Jazz star has released fourteen CDs, which caught the fancy of lovers of beautiful music. Also Diana has repeatedly received various awards and medals.

It is known that in the summer of 2019, namely June 27, Kroll will give a concert at the festival Leopolis Jazz Fest 2019. For social surveys, it became known that the Ukrainians have very long waiting for her, and want to go to her concert.

Recall, Carolina KUEK, who performs under the pseudonym Ani Lorak, was nearly killed on his show. The singer posted a photo where it shows the excitement of the concert. However, fans believe that the reason only her swimsuit.

As previously reported Znayu fans of the superstar Svetlana Loboda criticized her concert in the Russian capital. People complain about the sound and the delay of the concert.

Also Znayu wrote, Ukrainian singer MARUV decided to go to Russia with concerts. Fans are furious and say that the singer disappointed them.

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