In Moscow has died the iconic journalist Sergei Dorenko

В Москве умер культовый журналист Сергей Доренко

Known TV presenter, chief editor of radio station “Moscow speaking” Sergei Dorenko was killed in a traffic accident in Moscow, reports TASS. Sergei Dorenko died after an accident on Nikoloyamskaya street in Moscow. As reported in media, he fell from the motorcycle.

В Москве умер культовый журналист Сергей Доренко

According to the telegram channel 112, all happened today, may 9. Dorenko was driving his motorbike, a Triumph in Moscow, but at some point fell with it on the go.

В Москве умер культовый журналист Сергей Доренко

According to preliminary data, he became ill and he lost control of the motorcycle. The result was the fall.

Within the media reported that according to unconfirmed information, Sergei Dorenko had a clot.

В Москве умер культовый журналист Сергей Доренко

Earlier it was reported that he was diagnosed with clinical death. Doctors tried to resuscitate the patient.

Note that Sergei Dorenko, a famous Russian TV and radio journalist. Known for his critical comments and opposition to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Dorenko was one of the few Russian journalists who had supported the Orange revolution in Ukraine in 2004.

We will remind, in the blood of the late leader of the band the Prodigy Keith flint found a large number of drugs, including cocaine and codeine. In addition, before his death, the musician drank a lot of alcohol.

Reported to the hearing in a coroner’s court in Essex County in the case of the death of flint.

It is worth noting that the 49-year-old legendary musician, Keith flint, was found dead at his home in the County of Essex (United Kingdom) March 4, 2019. Relatives and colleagues of the group reported that he killed himself.

Recall that the Ukrainian soldiers from Western Ukraine, 31-year-old Yaroslav Chemnye, who bravely defended the country from invaders, were killed in the Donbas. Information about the venue of the funeral was announced by Sergey bratchuk.

As reported by the portal Znaia in Los Angeles at the age of 84 years died a famous Hollywood actor Seymour Cassel. He died Sunday, April 7, from complications caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

The portal also Znayu wrote that at the age of 93 years died artist Dan Robbins (Dan Robbins) has made “every man a Rembrandt”.

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