In Moscow, the doctors removed a 16-year-old from the nose fossilized pea

The young man suspected sinusitis, because the headaches he suffered about a year and a half.

В Москве врачи удалили у 16-летнего подростка из носа окаменевшую горошину

This fall in Moscow in a children’s hospital. G. Speransky brought 16-year-old, who suspected sinusitis. In the last year and a half the young man complained of headache, experienced difficulty breathing through the nose and notice discharge from the nose. Rhinoscopy showed that in the right nasal shell has some degree, and sensing testified about its thick consistency. When the teenager was x-rayed, it became clear that the size of the formation of the order of 1.5 cm.

In the end, after all the necessary examinations, the doctors removed the young patient’s nose fossilized pea using surgical instrument with a blunt hook. During the operation the teenager was under local anesthesia, and was able to breathe freely immediately after the treatment a foreign body. Then followed a course of conservative treatment and the patient’s discharge home. Complications from the surgery or finding the pea was not followed.