In Moscow the flames “nest” oligarchs: the third day rescuers can not cope with the fire

В Москве пламя охватило "гнездо" олигархов: спасатели третьи сутки не могут справиться с огнем

In Moscow burns the village of Silver forest, where the homes of the very rich. The fire started on Friday, March 8, but firefighters have not can extinguish the flame as due to the heavy fire to approach the source of fire is not possible – extinguish the trees around the house. This became known from the publication of the Telegram for channel Mash.

According to the emergencies Ministry, the fire occurred in a one-story wooden house, so the fire quickly spread over the entire area of the structure. Eyewitnesses reported that in the area of emergency heard explosions.

It is not yet known whether the injured someone as a result of fire, casualties not reported.

Earlier, a devastating hurricane in Poland has left thousands of people without water, electricity and a roof over your head.

Also Znayu reported on the tragic death of a child because of the mother’s negligence – were burned alive, while the most expensive man in the world was busy with their own Affairs.

A local resident reported that in a neighboring apartment fire. In place immediately left the fire machine.

After firefighters put out a fire in the house discovered the charred body of a 9-year-old girl. According to preliminary information, the child poisoned by carbon monoxide.

Also Know As. ua wrote that near Odessa found a charred corpse of a foreigner who disappeared two months ago. Police found the deceased the documents of the security officer.

Before that, in the city center blew up the bus with passengers – there were casualties. We read what happened in reality.

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