In Poland I filmed rapidly falling UFO

The space researchers say that the fixed object similar to aircraft aliens.

В Польше сняли на камеру стремительно падающий НЛО


In Poland, the locals took the camera rapidly falling UFO and posted the video on YouTube. The Network began arguing because of this video. Ufologists believe that people saw the crash of the space ship of aliens. Some users do not agree with this point of view. Commentators write that this is not an office of the aliens, but a simple airliner made by people. One of the users said that people managed to remove the fall of the Airbus A380, not a UFO and it is a sign to the sixth division of Poland.

Earlier when fire in California captured on camera a strange object in the sky. Ufologist Scott Warring said that the Americans witnessed the invasion of the representatives of other civilizations on the Earth. Scientists have left these words unnoticed. The staff of official services and refuse to comment on UFO in Poland, so netizens put forward their own version.