In Russia drivers will give out new documents on the auto

Domestic drivers will receive plastic STS of the next generation. Cards with rounded corners will be reduced.

В России водителям выдадут новые документы на авто

The package for the driving license in Russia may soon to change, as reported by the interior Ministry. It is expected that the country will be revised the appearance of the certificate of registration (STS). On the reverse side of the document will put the data about VIN number, power auto and body color.

Changes will affect the size of STS. The document will save to carry over to the plastic, but the interior Ministry said that on paper he will also remain.

Recall that in Russia drivers transferred to e-TCP. The document provides data about the owner of the transport, inspection and machine maintenance, repairs, mileage, encumbrances, insurance and insurance cases, as well as about the accident.

В России водителям выдадут новые документы на авто

Earlier media reported that Russia is considering introducing a e-driving license. Driver’s license want to make a special mobile application for smartphones. Besides, Russia can receive e-STS and insurance.

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