In Russia for the first time AI integrated into a telemedicine

Implemented project Smart service Doctor Paul Roitberg.

В России впервые ИИ интегрировали в телемедицину


In Russia for the first time AI integrated into telemedicine and the doctors will get x-rays exclusively patients with pathologies of the lungs. This will significantly speed up the healing process. In the future plan to expand the scope of application of AI in telemedicine. At the moment there are some difficulties that hinder the service operates in the desired mode. Information about the problems said Pavel Roytberg. According to him, Russians do not trust the insights of artificial intelligence. So patients can stop to seek help in a clinic that provides such services.

Access to the project can be obtained by using the Smart Doctor application. At the initial stage, the AI will find 20 of pathologies in the analysis of x-ray light. Then the doctors intend to add new types of images. The developers of modern service convinced of the benefits. It will greatly reduce the burden of radiological departments and make them work better. The Creator of the resource company Care Mentor AI is already trying to negotiate with several clinics in Russia about the implementation of this project. For the development of AI has spent millions of dollars.

The main objectives of the latest technologies in medicine is the analysis of x-ray images, ultrasound data, and optimization of the logistics of patients. To solve these problems and use AI.